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Welcome to Filmorial.As you know what is the role of Bollywood and many film industry at this time.That's why we want the news of the moment and the gossips of the people to continue. That's why people could get internet lifestyle like us. And our purpose is to entertain people and to meet them with latest news, facts, gossips etc. so that people can survive an internet life

You will find all this on the filmorial
  • Latest Bollywood & Hollywood News - Here you will be given Bollywood and Hollywood latest news, which is also the first initiative.
  • Gossips- here you will be greeted with all kinds of funny gossips. Just like Actors Actress Related  Funny Gossips
  • Reviews- Hmmm reviews of upcoming movies of Bollywood and Hollywood will hampered first in the funniest fashion.
  • First Look & Trailers - New Movies Trailers and First Look We will launch this blog first and new in style.
Our aim is to reach all the latest news and gossips of Bollywood and Hollywood only, so that people can become entertained by it and spend their lives digitally.
We want to reach Shouters with all the things happening in Bollywood and Hollywood. So Shouters are updated with the new news.

We will reach all these things till Shouters in their own language. In a simple way so that our viewers has no problem obtaining information.
And most of our content will be uploaded in Hindi. Which is our only language.
And if you feel that you are having some problems. So you can contact us without any hesitation. By going through e-mail or contact us page. We will make contact with you within 12 hours and will remove all your problems.

Our Owesome entertaining Menu's

  • Bhaijaan Special- If you are a big fan of Salman Khan and want to know about them in detail, then you can go to Brother's Special menu. In this menu, we will update you with all the news and facts related to Salman Khan.
  • Upcoming Movies- In this menu, we will tell you the revivals of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, trailers, first look and their facts.
  • Gossips- In the Gossips we will tell you the funny things about Bollywood and Hollywood actors and actresses who will be very flimsy.
  • Contact- if you are facing any problem.so You are able to contact us.you can contact us anytime without hesitation.we are always ready to help you

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